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If you’re a 6, like my better half, you are waiting to decide if I’m experienced

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If you’re a 6, like my better half, you are waiting to decide if I’m experienced

I’m Jenn. I’m a 9. regarding the Enneagram until once you discover everything I state.

My guess is when you’re a 2, you’re most likely already considering company you should share this particular article with. If you’re a 5, you have formerly done many investigation by yourself and plan on evaluating everything discover about what i must state.

Of course, if you’re a 6 like my husband, you’re most likely waiting to determine whether I’m legitimately proficient in the Enneagram until after you’ve read the things I need to say. And also then you can want to see my personal application before going to a final choice. But those are just my guesses.

The Enneagram evaluation nailed myself as a 9, aka, “the Peacemaker,” or “the Mediator.” Someone that strives for peace and equilibrium inside their existence. it is easy for us to read both sides to a quarrel, choosing the advantages in each perspective. We eliminate dispute just like the plague, and I’m really “go making use of circulation.”

So yep, safer to say I’ve never noticed so understood during my existence. I’m entirely a 9. If you ask me, few other evaluation I’d used presented a flame to your Enneagram. And I’ve used a lot of them. Possibly everybody who had been about Enneagram bandwagon was actually on there for reasonable most likely.

What is the Enneagram?

Your message Enneagram breaks down in Greek to: ennea (nine) and grammos (a penned image). One of the best information of character assessment are extracted from Chris Heuertz’s guide, The Sacred Enneagram:

“[The Enneagram] describes the ‘why’ of the way we imagine, operate, and think. It assists us come to terms with the gift suggestions and the addicting models that tether us to our best interpersonal, religious, and mental challenges. The Enneagram attracts united states to deeper self-awareness as a doorway to spiritual growth.”

Heuertz continues on to express, “the Enneagram provides a sacred map for our souls; a chart that, whenever grasped, leads all of us where you can find our very own correct character and to Jesus.”

When a 9 marries a 6

For me personally, one of the greatest influences of determining my personal Enneagram type ended up being the recognition they delivered to my personal relationship. It’s no secret how different my husband and I become . The Enneagram assisted bring focus and knowledge towards the intricacy of our own variations.

The 1st time we discussed the Enneagram kinds it had been literally https://datingranking.net/nl/mature-dating-overzicht like a self-serve advising session. The two of us merely look at the descriptions of each and every other’s type and kept making huge nods of knowing. It had been just like the Enneagram peered into our souls and provided each of us the keys to finding the real truth about one another.

Stuart, a devoted 6, is consistently asking questions attain the maximum amount of comprehension about an interest that you can. He’s many watchful people I know. He’s a planner, doesn’t trust individuals quickly, and struggles with anxiety.

But he could be furthermore by far the most dedicated person within my life. (A pretty good characteristic in a spouse, if I say so myself personally!) I’d undoubtedly see myself personally loyal, but those other characteristics are very lost on me personally. Fortunately that is why is us an effective personnel!

Today with knowledge a 6, i realize that his concern asking is not because he does not believe my personal conclusion. They are merely very curious and thinks about inquiries long before I mentally make it. I am very trusting and decisively natural around to a fault. So might there be often times whenever I’m thankful for his, “think-first-then-act” attitude. Given the exact same scenario, i might have made a determination too fast.

Whenever a 6 marries a 9

On the bright side, however function as the very first person to let you know how grateful he or she is that we promote a flexible personality in your. I keep lives light, airy, and fun and advise him supply anyone the main benefit of the doubt. Where the guy promotes us to motion as opposed to indifference, we encourage him to trust others therefore the Lord. Despite are totally different, when we see one another, our very own characters end complementing both quite well.

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How different sets services

When reading concerning different Enneagram kinds, it’s fascinating to take into account what different rates matched right up collectively in marriage is like. A-1 (perfectionist) and a 3 (achiever) may possibly need operate higher tough at relaxing and spending some time as children since they’re both “go, get, go” types.

A 9 and an 8 (opposition) would have to be careful the 8 does not stroll all over the 9 nevertheless allows see your face to possess an opinion and a voice.

A 7 (lover) and 5 (detective) could have trouble finding an enjoyable activity in accordance because 5’s like to create lots of data and reading, whereas 7’s are far more adventurous and extroverted. (These are generally all stereotypical personality of sort, thus I am conscious there are numerous outliers to each type that don’t go with those exact containers.)

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